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  1. V8088 electric valve

    V8088 series electric two way valve by the electric actuator, and two pass valve is suitable for water heating system; water pipelines of on-off control, and supporting the use of heating temperature controller, to achieve the control room temperature, comfort, energy saving.

    T06 electric actuator

    T60 electric actuator is used for diversity water device of the valve, a small valve, dynamic balancing valve electric actuator, control valve electric drive, can be used in the small valve switch control, water heating systemdiversity water device on the valve control, the control valve on the end of the central air-conditioning fan coilwater. When the actuator is mounted directly on the water in the heating system of diversity water device, water return pipe or constant temperature valve, when the valve is closed; the actuator power, the core componentsimported wax thruster

    D series of diversity water device

    D series of diversity water device suitable for geothermal heating system, diversity water device of each circuitare built-in valve regulating the amount of water, can be equipped with electric actuator and heating temperature controller, to achieve independent sub room temperature control. The user to set the temperature according to the need, the heating thermostat will automatically detect the temperature of the room, and the output signal to the actuator, the actuator is closed or opened, you can also install electric ball valve in the diversity water devicemanager, and supporting the use of heating thermostat, the realization of regional or control requirements, to achieve temperature, comfort, energy saving the effect of.

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